Introduction to HTML and CSS

Congratulations on taking the challenge to learn some code skills!

A basic understanding can take you a long way when it comes to updating hard-coded content, feeling confident to tweak pages or embed actions and content on your site

Exercise 1

HTML Structure

Take some plain text and add HTML <tags> to structure the content. Include image, links and embedded videos too!

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Exercise 2

CSS - using inline styles

Customise the design of your content by adding inlines styles to your HTML. Set text and background colours, adjust sizes and more!

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Exercise 3

CSS - using classes

Adjust the styles applied to various CSS classes in order to reveal a hidden image (and style it how you please!)

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Exercise 4

CSS - adding styles to a page

Create your first live webpage! Use the editor to add new panels to the page with HTML and style each new feature with CSS

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